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Our children’s ministry seeks to awaken children to God’s love in Jesus through safe and uniquely designed play spaces for children ages 6 months to 10 years. We believe that children are equal ministers of faith and recipients of the Kingdom of God. With this in mind, we make it our aim to affirm children’s identity in Jesus. 


Our prayer is for children’s hearts to be transformed by falling in love with Jesus. We believe children are not limited in their capacity to know and love Jesus, and that they are equal ministers of the Kingdom of God. As we aim to create a safe space for children to encounter Jesus, we value working with curriculum that emphasizes the scriptures as incredibly formative.

We value children being able to process their faith aloud, rather than being spoken to by adults and repeating back what they’ve heard. We want to encourage children to process the scriptures on their own. We do this through using a curriculum called Godly Play, developed in the early 70s and has a very intentional storytelling style to help the details of the scriptures be remembered.

We do this during ‘wonder time’ after the story each week. This time is powerful as children are encouraged to wonder aloud about the scriptures, process aloud, and be heard.

For our teaching time we use a 2nd curriculum called, The Jesus Storybook Bible, which takes children on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through the scriptures. It is the gospel, not good behavior that changes everything. Kids will see that the Bible is not a collection of stories, but God’s unified story of redemption.

Join us in reading Sunday’s Jesus Storybook Bible Story each week as a family and engage with your child by asking them the same wonder questions at home each week. Use this opportunity to really listen to your child and instead of sharing answers to their questions right away, encourage them to keep the wonder going. These are the pivotal times where we allow children to meditate on the truth and be met by God’s spirit.

  • qxif-chevron-circle-right I wonder what you liked most about the story?
  • qxif-chevron-circle-right I wonder what is the most important part of the story?
  • qxif-chevron-circle-right I wonder where you see yourself in the story or what part is especially for you today?
  • qxif-chevron-circle-right I wonder how this story makes you feel about Jesus? (to be used for both Old and New Testament stories)


We look forward to meeting your family! Pre-registration will help our team be ready to greet you on Sunday and expedite your check-in.


When you arrive, look for the KIDS table in the lobby. There, you will fill out our New Family Form to get each child checked in.

During check-in, you and your child will be given matching identification stickers that are exclusive to your family and your visit. You will show the parent identification sticker to check out your child.

Kids under Kindergarten age will go straight into their classrooms, while elementary-aged kids will stay with their families in the auditorium until kids are dismissed during announcements.

Families may begin the check-in process for all Kids programs 10 minutes before the service starts (check-in times: 8:50 AM and 10:50 AM).

Check out occurs from 10:30am-10:45am for our 9am service and from 12:30pm-12:45pm for our 11:00am service.

Upcoming Kids Events:

Early registration is open for this summer's Vacation Bible School.

  • qxif-chevron-circle-right When: July 22-25, 2024
  • qxif-chevron-circle-rightTime: 9am-2pm
  • qxif-chevron-circle-rightAges: 3 years - 5th grade
  • qxif-chevron-circle-right Where: Wellspring Church NYC
  • qxif-chevron-circle-rightCost: $125/child
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Each team member will be required to complete a background check and interview with our Family Pastor.

The purpose of our children’s ministry team is to create a culture of renewal through:

  • qxif-check-squarePraying and Celebrating
  • qxif-check-squareServing once a month as a Teacher or Helper with either Nursery, PreK, or Elementary
  • qxif-check-squarePreparing simple activities provided in the lesson outline
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