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Dale’s Story

Before [the gift of] healing started manifesting in my life, I thought I was kind of done growing. I felt like I had reached the pinnacle of what my spiritual life was going to reach in my lifetime. But some time in my thirties, God showed me, “Oh no, you have more gifting than you thought.”

I don't know if I can really make sense of it, because up until that point I wasn't actively pursuing it. It was just sort of this thing that fell into my lap.

In 2014 I was at the Bethel School of Music for a two week program and I ended up going to their healing room. For some reason I felt like I couldn’t stand, and then someone prayed for me and they were like, “I think [healing] is an area you should probably look at to see if there's something bigger to it”.
It started to become very clear and evident in my mind that God was doing something there. 

That occurrence was the beginning of me being like, “Oh, healing might be a thing in my life and I should actually do something about that”.

After that experience and after some time of doing research and learning as much as I could [about healing], there were intermittent periods where I would pray for someone’s healing and then they would find relief.

But some time after that, I went through a period of burnout and being hurt by my church and I pretty much stopped doing everything. I stopped going to church and I kind of cut myself off from the Holy Spirit.

Eventually I started coming to Wellspring and I attended the Draw Near Conference last year - which became an inflection point of coming back to things and being restored to operating in the spirit. 
On the night before the conference, I was asleep and I got a picture of myself back at the healing room years prior. And then I remember when I walked in that Saturday, I actually had a hard time standing. It very much felt like that feeling I had years ago. 

At the conference, a lot of the words I had heard in the past were coming back and reminding me of who I am and the testimonies of people getting healed. There was a lot of restoration that came out of that.

I still don't fully understand [this gift], but I’ve found that that’s how the spirit moves in me. 

Oftentimes I get a sense that God wants me to pray for someone. And then it’s like, “Okay. God's showing up, so I should actually pray for something because something might happen. But [healing] doesn't happen all the time and I feel like I don't really have control over it.

I recognize that it's not my power and that it doesn't come from me, and I'm just a human being trying to do my best to discern.

Sometimes I get it wrong, but for me, it's being willing to be wrong. I think the possibility of someone getting healed is greater than my own embarrassment. It's worth the risk. And if I’m wrong, at the end of the day, what's the big deal? I prayed for someone, I blessed them in some way and I communicated to them that I cared about them. That's the worst that can happen. 

I think through stewarding this gift, God has helped me have more compassion and empathy for people - which really helps to pray for healing. I also think [this gift] has helped me understand the Father’s heart a little bit more and realize there’s a greater care He has for us.

As a child, you have certain expectations of your parents. And every now and then something happens where they do something unexpected and go a couple of steps further than you thought they would. I think receiving this gift unexpectedly and being able to witness his healing has helped reveal more of his heart. 
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