Summer Events

The Koch’s Story

Steve: We've led community groups for six or seven years now at Wellspring. But looking back, when the church first asked us to do that, it was really frightening.

Susan: Being called out as a leader in something that I felt very new at was quite intimidating. But there was a certain amount of just being obedient and trusting that I don't have to do this in my own power.  I don't have to lean on my own understanding and plan.

The blessing of serving

Steve:  Through the last couple of years, God has shown us the fruit of what we've been doing. Sometimes serving and giving of yourself can wear you down, especially when you're working full-time and raising a family. But folks that have come through our community group are now leading their groups or leading in other areas. God has been so good to show us, hey. The soil that you cultivated? Stuff is growing. The crops are coming in 30, 60, 100 times over.

Steve: We’ve also been recipients because even when we feel exhausted, when we actually feast on the word together and share a meal, 9 o’ clock comes and you're like, I’m not tired anymore. So God does give back in that way. I think that's always waiting on the other side. 

Susan: To be able to sit in our church and look around and be like, here's the people that came through our community group. What are they doing today? Seeing the fruit of what you've given reinforces and feeds the desire to do more.  

Pursuing generosity

Steve: And you know, why do we give? Just because God’s given everything to us. It can be tough sometimes to be generous, especially with the actual needs we have to survive in the city. But if my life is so filled up with busyness and work and trying to survive, then, am I really walking in faith? 

Steve: Our community group has really helped with that, because trying to be generous and have rest all on your own can be tough. With them, we don’t feel like we’re doing it in a vacuum and paddling upstream our whole faith journey. So yeah. We have to do it in community.
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