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Pearl Of Great Price

Pastor Seth called us into a radical pursuit of Jesus. He shared the story of his own family, and how they took steps of obedience in different seasons in order to seek God above all else. He said that God is looking for those who will say “yes” to Him. He also shares his reflections on the Asbury revival and what God is up to in this moment. 
The parable Seth shared was the pearl of great price - sought after, and when found, worth selling everything in order to obtain. He reminded us that we cannot hold onto our previous assets while trying to take hold of this most precious pearl: the Kingdom. While we cannot literally earn our way into the Kingdom, the cost is a surrendered heart to the lordship of Jesus. Jesus is not merely an addition to our life, but Life itself. And knowing about His Kingdom is different than encountering it for yourself.

Sun, Feb 26, 2023

Pearl Of Great Price

Teacher: Seth Bazacas Series: Pearl Of Great Price Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46