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Renew (Compassion)

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Sun, Sep 24, 2023

Teacher: Seth Bazacas Series: Fall Vision Series 2023 Scripture: Hebrews 13:11-14

Our Vision Series concluded with Pastor Seth guiding us through an exploration of our final core value: renewal, and the concept of partnering with God in renewing the world. Throughout the Bible, we witness Jesus repeatedly exemplifying love through tangible actions towards real individuals. Healing a blind man, restoring dignity to a Samaritan woman, providing wine at a wedding in need, visiting a despised tax collector at his home, and embracing and blessing little children amidst a bustling ministry - Jesus consistently emphasizes the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

We’re taken to a passage in Hebrews 13:11-14, where Jesus's sacrificial love is seen, demonstrated outside the city gate “to make the people holy through his own blood.” Outside the city gate—a space typically designated for society's marginalized and outcasts. In ancient times, cities were fortified with walls for protection, which also served to segregate the outcasts residing outside these gates. The only way to access safety and resources was by entering the city through these gates. Jesus was crucified outside the city gates at Golgotha, symbolically akin to a trash heap. However, this trash heap held real significance, representing an actual location that Jesus chose as a symbolic site for renewal and redemption. Here, he presents two paths: welcome for those on the outside and an invitation for those inside to journey with him beyond the gates.

Though the world's needs can seem overwhelming, Jesus doesn't demand that we change the entire world. He simply urges us to love our neighbors. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable. Our church's prayer is to generously support and sponsor the most overlooked and vulnerable children through our partnership with Compassion International. We requested Compassion to connect us with the most vulnerable children—those who've waited the longest, those who've been overlooked, or unable to secure a sponsor for various reasons. These are the children we believe God is urging us to welcome, love, and sponsor. Take a moment to pray about becoming a sponsor today. When we extend ourselves, our time, and our finances to support those in need, our light shines brighter—a light representing Christ, the Hope of the world.

To sponsor a child, visit this special page dedicated to Wellspring sponsorship opportunities.


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