Revive - Sow With Tears

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Sun, Sep 10, 2023

Teacher: Seth Bazacas Series: Fall Vision Series 2023 Scripture: Psalm 24:1-10

Our Vision Series is a truly remarkable time for us to redirect our focus and center ourselves on our core values. This past Sunday, Pastor Seth illuminated the first foundational value: revive.

In a profound and prophetic manner, Pastor Seth spoke about the current season we find ourselves in, delving into the themes and deep yearnings within our community. The central message resounds clear and timeless – God's salvation is here and available to all, even those who have been cast aside, marginalized, and those considered unclean. In the wake of this season we’re in, Pastor Seth gave an illustration to describe what this time looks like. We are in the midst of shifting from a spiritual winter into a spiritual spring, eagerly anticipating the "spring rains" that softens the ground for a spiritual outpouring.

We took a moment to hear about the spiritual outpouring that occurred at Asbury University. And in great vulnerability, Pastor Seth shared a personal encounter he had with God. These encounters and spiritual awakening are both ordinary and extraordinary. So simple. So pure. No big names. Just God at the center, letting Him “take the room”.

Today, we are being summoned to consecration and to be open to the tangible presence of God. He is drawing near and desiring to fill every corner of our lives. The evidence of His presence is becoming increasingly apparent among our community, notably through the phenomenon known as the "gift of tears". God is actively moving, and there is a palpable sense of urgency to discern and embrace His glory.

Come, as we lean in and embrace this season of revival with open hearts, open minds, and a deep yearning for His presence. Together, we will move forward in faith, fully expectant of the incredible spiritual outpouring that awaits us. God is longing to take the room. Will we let Him?

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