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Sun, Oct 08, 2023

Teacher: Seth Bazacas Series: Enthroned Scripture: Psalm 24:1-10

"Enthroned" calls us to focus on placing God in the rightful place in our lives, and enthroning Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Sunday’s teaching reminded us that worship calibrates our souls and aligns our lives. Pastor Seth draws a parallel with aviation's "1 in 60 rule," highlighting the importance of alignment and calibration in worshiping authentically.

Worship, he contends, is the posture of enthronement, and praise is the manifestation of that posture. The Lord inhabits the worship of His people and is enthroned upon their praise. The scriptures consistently reveal to us that God loves and longs to be with His people in an unhindered relationship, with worship being a central part of that relationship. God's presence is a response to our prayers and worship, as we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.

Pastor Seth delved into the story of King David, a man described as one after God's own heart, who exemplified the importance of worship in his life. David's life was characterized by his deep devotion to God, his genuine worship, and his eagerness to seek God's presence. David's leadership and commitment to unhindered worship brought about a reformation and a restoration of God's presence among the people.

In particular, David's revolutionary act to bring the Ark of the Covenant to the heart of the city underscored the significance of God's presence over power and politics. David's establishment of a continuous place of worship and prayer, known as the Tabernacle of David, showcased the power of worship in ushering in God's reign. This model serves as a lesson for us, teaching us that God desires worshippers who actively seek His presence, prioritize intimacy with Him, and approach Him with transparent honesty.

The question we ought to consider is whether we desire to be a generation marked by our pursuit of God's presence, to be unhindered in our worship and intimacy with Him, and our commitment to being authentic in our relationship with God.

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